Golden Sun

Golden Sun ©

The Golden Sun is the Festival’s highest award. The Festival’s Organization from its very beginnings has established this award, which represents LIFE.
This is an artisan and original piece made from noble materials and recycled glass.

* Best Documentary Golden Sun
GREED, A FATAL DESIRE (Alemania) de Jörg Seibold

* Best Short Documentary Golden Sun
SPARKLINGS RIVERS (Estonia) de Märten Vaher i Anna Gavrons

* Best Short Film: Golden Sun
EL HOMBRE DE AGUA DULCE (USA/España) de Alvaro Ron

* Golden Sun WWF Spain

* Golden Sun Petit FICMA
EL VIAJE DE UNAI (España) de Andoni Canela

* Festival's Golden Sun Prize
has been awarded to socially aware individuals and entities for their values towards the environment and human rights.
CAROL BUCKLEY and the film UNCHAINED by ALEX C Rivera (UK) showing carol's works.