FICMARKET is the first environmental documentary audiovisual market in the world, which uses new technologies to put producers and directors in contact with different Spanish and international distributors and televisions with the aim to strengthen the market of the most recent productions in the environmental genre and give them the maximum global distribution.

How does FICMARKET work?

For producers:

Producers who have registered in the FICMA 2018 call may choose to provide their production to the environmental audiovisual market through FICMARKET.

FICMARKET participants must send:

Private viewing link
Film synopsis (in English)
Photo of the film
Email and telephone number

As well, participants can choose whether they want their film to be evaluated only by Spanish distributors, only by international ones or by both. Participants can also report countries that ban their film for sales reasons as a producer.

The film can be removed from FICMARKET at any moment by an email.

For distributors and television channels:

FICMARKET provides a selection of the most recent environmental documentary productions in the world.

Each distributor or television channel must sign up and will automatically receive a password allowing it to access and view the films online for 10 months.

If there is interest in negotiation, the distributor will contact the producer directly to make offers and discuss conditions of purchase.

Once this transaction is complete, both parties will report it to FICMARKET in order to remove the production from FICMARKET.

Those who sign up with FICMARKET agree to participate in it and to include the FICMARKET logo in the film and in related written and graphic materials with the phrase:

“with the collaboration of FICMARKET”

For further information and details about how to sign up with FICMARKET and how it works, please contact ficmarket (@) ficma . com