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Universitats - 2017 - - 120'
  • New Audiovisual Professionals

FICMA always had a strong commitment to independent filmmakers and always tries to be a source of new filmmakers. That is why FICMA tries to show its projections to a young audience and especially to film students.

For four years FICMA goes to the main universities of Barcelona in order to inspire these young people, either using cinema as a communication tool or looking into the content of the films.

As a Film Festival we want to get closer to this new audience and film students by making them available the works screened and by putting in contact the filmmakers and the students so they can discuss about the world of cinema.

But also we try to awake the new professional’s critical spirit and offer them the opportunity to be members of the Jury of the Festival through the UNIFICMA prize. University and film schools students will do during the days of the Festival a retention, synthesis, evaluation and critique job of the films.

Another initiative to promote new professionals and committed cinema is the FICMA SCHOLARSHIP, together with WWF, with which we help young people to create a short film on environmental issues.