Lluís Jené, Amanda Sans Pantling, Oriol Gispert - 2017 - Spain - 65' 06''
  • Feature Documentary

In 2005 and 2006 we filmed the birth and the first year of life of 4 girls from 4 different continents. All of them had in common their fragile situation of extreme poverty.
In Liberia, Secret was born at home because her mother Esther was afraid of going out into the street in the middle of the night; Noelia was born in a lost hut in southern Bolivia where her mother, Hilaria, arrived on a motorcycle; Alaishri, in the north of India, was born after a tough night for his mother Dukushri; and Daniela was born on the floor of an apartment in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, because her mother Micheline, an undocumented immigrant, was afraid that going to the hospital to give birth would result in being exposed to the Swedish police. Now, 10 years later, we come back to discover what these girls have become and what is the situation of their families and their countries. Will they have improved their lives or, on the contrary, they will have worsened?

Screening: Cinemes Girona - 08/11 – 8 p.m.