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Alex C. Rivera - 2017 - UK - 78'
  • Feature Documentary

Unchained follows the work of Carol Buckley (EAI - Elephant Aid International) and her team, to enhance captive elephant welfare in Nepal, showing by gentle persuasion and example that there is a ‘better way’ to treat elephants in human captivity. Carol’s is a phased, pragmatic approach to change attitudes; encouraging co-operation, not a confrontation between Nepalese elephant handlers (mahouts) and their ‘essential’ elephant assets, upon which the mahouts rely to sustain themselves in an environment bereft of options.
Carol promotes co-operation between man and elephant by “positive reinforcement”, not dominance and cruelty – indeed a “better way”.

Screening: CosmoCaixa - 09/11 – 8.30 p.m. – Closing Ceremony