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Josep Perez - 2017 - SPAIN - 54

Pemba is a Himalayan Sherpa, the Nepalese ethnic group famous
worldwide for giving support to western mountaineers on the highest
peaks in the world. However, Pemba has never climbed a mountain; she
is a folk singer who fled her country years ago due to the civil war in the
1990s, and that now has a new life with her family in Catalonia, Spain.
Twenty years later, Pemba decides to return to her hometown, Goli, a
tiny village located on a secluded plateau in the heart of the Himalayas
and totally isolated from progress, to organize a concert and discover
what remains of the paradise where she grew up. During this return
trip, she will show us through ten people who live there; a farmer, a
monk, a teacher, a sorcerer, a mountain guide, etc., what life is like in
one of the most mythical places on Earth.