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Joan Kabugu - 2017 - Kenya - 25' 02''

As climatic conditions change, how are our communities, our children and our wildlife coping? Climate's Children is set in two towns in Kenya and looks at the ravages of drought and lack of water in early 2017. Some of the students and parents from Kapsoi Primary School in Baringo, tell us their stories about how the situation is affecting them. Some of them have to trek long kilometres in search of water, the schools have been closed and there is a feeling of widespread insecurity. The drought also has devastating effects on wildlife: giraffes have miscarriages and baby elephants get stuck in the mud of the now-dry Kapnarok River. The film shows how relationships of coexistence between locals and wild animals are redesigned as a result of the growing scarcity of water resources.

Screening: Universitat de Barcelona (Sants) - 06/11 – 11.30 a.m.

With the Filmmaker's attendance.