ECOFILM (Mexico)

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Silvan Guesaldo - 2018 - Mexico -
'.ECOFILM (Mexico).'

ECOFILM - International Festival of Environmental Short Films

8th Edition: “Sustainable Mobility”

ECOFILM responds to the need to make society aware of environmental problems, promoting and diffusing audiovisual production and ecological culture with solutions to balance the human being and its environment. We seek to be an open space for reflection and exchange of ideas on a global level.

This year, the motto is “Sustainable Mobility” and we have prepared a selection of short films that seeks to raise awareness and a positive impact through the active contribution of citizens, with the objective that they will actively transform their cities into smart, safe and aware places before innovation and changes in sustainable habits.

We are honored to share with FICMA values and goals on the primary task of educating and raising awareness about the issues of the global agenda. That is why our official selection seeks to explore and make known that the challenges of mobility do not only concern a group of people, cities or countries, but it is a question that involves the whole planet, knowing that we are part of the solution.

I hope you enjoy the session.

Screening: La Fábrica del Sol – 06/11- 6 p.m.

With the Festival's Director attendance.