TOXIC PUZZLE – Hunt for the Hidden Killer

Secciones:  FICMARKET

Bo Landin - 2017 - USA - 83'

Dying from diseases like ALS and Alzheimer’s is a tormenting process. The illnesses are on the increase and scientists believe an environmental toxin is to blame. Ellie O’Connell has ALS. She becomes the inspiration that informs scientist Paul Cox in his quest to find a cure. This is a medical and environmental detective story where documentary filmmaker Bo Landin follows Cox and his team around the world in a hunt for the hidden killer. The pieces come together in a toxic puzzle where cyanobacteria in our waters becomes the culprit. Are these organisms, fed by human pollution and climate change, staging nature’s revenge by claiming human lives? This is a story about hope. One by one the puzzle pieces fall into place. Science has opened up doors to a future which is both threatening and yet promising. Their work has created hope for ALS patients and their families. We now know that changing our diet can prevent the toxins from destroying our brains. Maybe soon, the scientists will lay down the missing piece, which allows us to bring back our loved ones from the darkness of brain disorders, to regain lucidity and perfect health. A film by award winning director Bo Landin. Narrated by Harrison Ford.