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Mert Gokalp - 2017 - TURKEY/ PORTUGAL - 67

The bluefish a much loved and iconic symbol of İstanbul face the threat of extinction. The bluefish is an Istanbul icon stories about what is lithe silvery fish, the fastest and most ferocious swimmer of the Bosporus, can do. Called a small monster or piranha there are rumours of it attacking cluster of bonito and even dolphins. The fish is truly a Bosporus legend. The Bosporus has already lost some of its famous inhabitants; the giant blue-fin tuna and its predator, the great white shark, no longer swim through. Lobsters that ere once plentiful in the Marmara, swordfish and the Mediterranean seals are also long gone. Most recently the Bosporus mackerel disappeared. Is the bluefish next in line? Combining magical underwater footage with interviews with fisherman, activists, and more, the film the fish story with great sensitivity.